Premade Dance

These mixes are made up of original and licensed elements.  Choose your favorite and customize to make yours 1-of-a-kind!

Customizations available:

  • Add program & team name to mix
  • Add custom sound effects
  • Shorten mix
  • Change tempo/speed
  • RUSH Delivery!
**The high-pitched watermark that says "FULL OUT Music Productions" is removed when your final copy is delivered to you!
TURNAROUND TIME:  If you DO NOT customize your mix, it will be delivered to you within 24 hours (on business days)!  
If you DO customize your mix, delivery is within 2 weeks or less from when payment is received!  ASAP!

Video Game- 1:00
Video Game- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
Transform Ya- 1:00
Transform Ya- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
The Queen- 1:00
The Queen- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
Pop Star- 1:00
Pop Star- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
Money- 1:00
Money- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
Girls Night Out- 1:00
Girls Night Out- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
Girl Power- 1:00
Girl Power- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
Eyes On Me- 1:00
Eyes On Me- 1:00 Regular price $100.00
America- 1:00
America- 1:00 Regular price $100.00