Semi-Custom Cheer

These mixes are 75% premade and 25% is personalized exclusively for your team!  Submit your 8ct sheets for full routine sound effects and 25% of this mix is created with custom music and vocals JUST FOR YOU!  
(Listen for "This section will be customized just for you" in the music!)

Customizations available:

  • Change existing vocals
  • Split mix into 2 cuts
  • Shorten mix
  • Change tempo/speed
  • Lower music for your cheer
  • RUSH Delivery!
CLICK HERE to view examples of mixes already completed.
**The high-pitched watermark that says "FULL OUT Music Productions" is removed when your final copy is delivered to you!
TURNAROUND TIME:  2 weeks or less from when payment and 8ct Sheets are received! aka ASAP!

Too Legit- 1:00
Too Legit- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Curtain Call- 1:00
Curtain Call- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
In The Zone- 1:00
In The Zone- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
So Flawless- 1:00
So Flawless- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Going Strong- 1:00
Going Strong- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Shine Bright- 1:00
Shine Bright- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Never Quit- 1:00
Never Quit- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Hey Hey Hey- 1:00
Hey Hey Hey- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Turn It Up- 1:00
Turn It Up- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Sky Is No Limit- 1:00
Sky Is No Limit- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
Turn The Cute On- 1:00
Turn The Cute On- 1:00 Regular price $275.00
The One & Only- 1:00
The One & Only- 1:00 Regular price $275.00